What to know about Employment Lawyers

Disabilities – ADA also known as The American with Disabilities Acts is an anti-discrimination act that protects the welfare of people with disability. ADA accommodation lawyers are lawyers that work specifically to counter and identify disability-based discrimination, thus ensuring reasonable access under the Americans with Disabilities Act that made by employers.  Disability under ADA by definition is very specific, that is why many charges to disability discrimination act exist.

Employment Contracts – these are written agreements that binds an employer to an employee. These are usually binding terms regarding, benefits, salary and covenants not to compete (non-compete) non-disclosure agreements and protective rules about trade secrets. This also give emphasis to breach of employment contract which can mean paying out damages.  And if you find it overwhelming you can employment lawyers can provide you alternative defenses to breach of employment contract.

Employment Discrimination – any discrimination basis on national origin, race, disability, sex, religion, pregnancy or age is prohibited in all states, and even what we so called international discrimination can put employers in legal hot water. But in spite of establishing anti-discrimination workplace it can’t be rowed that discrimination still exist everywhere.

Pensions and Benefits – Pensions and benefits are vital for employees working in a company.  Benefits can be in forms of health benefits or vacation leaves.  Pensions are money received after retirement, usually through the contribution or similar plan.  In US, ERISA (a protection plans) is mandatory for average US employees.

Sexual Harassment – Sexual Harassment is widely recognize as illegal in United States. This has been strictly implemented in all workplace as basic rights, although strict implementation is observed there are still myriad types of sexual harassment that exist.  And to stop such harassment, awareness on how to properly interact with your classmates and coworkers has been taught. Unfortunately, false sexual harassment can be damaging like the real ones, situation like this should be discussed with the company employment lawyers.

Wages and Overtime pay – cases that involves wages and overtime pay are generally handled by the Fair Labor Standards Acts.  They are known as FLSA Lawyers.  FLSA lawyers are responsible in establishing federal minimum wage for 40 hours of work per week.  This law can varies from state to state as standards are set for rest and meal, pay day requirements, breaks (basic factors which employees are paid) and the surrounding legalities in decrease of pay.

Workplace disputes – this is inevitable in any work environment, with issues revolving around privacy, it is always best to look set forth to the company’s handbook.  This issue rise up when there is less privacy on telecommunication at work, and when limited email privacy is established inside the office. Although, privacy rights are defensible during off working hours, it is still advisable to seek help from a lawyer.

Wrong termination – This occur when wrongful termination is given to an employee. An illicit and discriminatory reason should never be the ground for termination.  Exercising ones right against wrongful termination is advisable, and should take legal actions for proper decorum. Employers who are found guilty of impeding employees’ rights are subject to penalty or of its equivalent punishment under the labor code.







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