Study Shows: Studying Law can Make You Smart

Being a law school student is a life changing experience.  Research shows that studying for a law school entrance exam could alter some of your brain structures – and could enhance your intellectual capacity in both logical analytical and verbal linguistic.

University of California, Berkeley online journal entitled Frontiers in Neuroanatomy shows that intensive exam for Law School Admission reinforces neurons in the brain to bridge the gap between symmetrical hemispheres (Right and Left).  This reinforcement can increase reasoning ability and improve a person’s IQ, Neuroscientists said.

Neuroscientist conducted brain scans on 24 aspirant law student before and after they spent hours studying LSAT for a period of three months.  They also scanned 23 college students who didn’t study for LSAT.  The result shows that people who studied LSAT have increased connectivity between the parietal and frontal lobe of the brains. These lobes are associated with the thinking and reasoning functions of the brain.

Allyson Mackey said “The fact that performance on the LSAT can be improved with practice is not new,” lead researched and an alumnus of Beckley’s Helen Wills Neuroscience Institute.  He also stressed that the changes in brain as result of LSAT preparation is a fundamental reasoning training.  This proved that our ability for reasoning is malleable.

Brain’s ability to tackle a noble problem is the focused on fluid reasoning.  This IQ test to some degree can help us in distinguishing ability in demanding careers and most importantly predict one’s academic performance.

Silva Bunge study’s senior author said “”People assume that IQ tests measure some stable characteristic of an individual, but we think this whole assumption is flawed,”  She also denote that IQ test measured by wax and wane can be altered over time depending on the level of cognitive activities of an individual.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology professor of cognitive neuroscience, John Gabriel who wasn’t involved in research said “brain pathways important for thinking and reasoning remain plastic in adulthood.”





2 thoughts on “Study Shows: Studying Law can Make You Smart

  1. I suppose you could also say “smart people study law.” My dad studied law at GWU, and practiced it for a year before pursuing a career in sales and marketing, where he was at the right place at the right time. He always wanted to be a writer, however.

    Thanks for visiting my online writing studio and for opting to follow my work. Not sure it’ll make you smarter, but it might prove entertaining at the very least.

    — SM

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    • I agree… they are smart already and their education about the laws and Constitution makes them even more smarter. Of course. I will follow your post, honestly I find it mind provocative blog.

      Jeffrey Cancilla


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