Young Lawyers: Being the Best Isn’t Enough

It is a myth that being competent, smart and skilled are the qualifications to being a successful lawyer.  But in the journal published about 10 best people in any field of specialization and compare it to the list of highest paid profession there is a marginal correlation that holds the worth of lawyers.  This denotes the idea that being a lawyer isn’t just enough – especially in times of economic recession.   In fact, being a successful lawyer go beyond being good, one must abhor critical thinking skills and relegate oneself from being complacent.

That there’s no other way but to step away from the hierarchy of being complacent through mastering skills that lies in understanding people.  Consequently, being efficient in this field, one must learn from people by understanding them. Acknowledging their woes could corroborate to effective understanding.  So, forget about the theoretical framework found in books. Solutions are best understood when you have experienced it.  As evaluation here are the three important skills that set the difference among lawyers.

  1. Legal Marketing – Firms with 40-person in marketing team even miss in planning their campaign. The flaw lies in the assumption that people need their services to know their problem instead of providing them with the solutions.   The focus should be on your clients, remember that clients are paying for solutions that you could provide to them.  “I ‘m being sued” or “someone is infringing my patent” Contemplating that you have the solutions for their problem is the most efficient way to market your services.
  2. Business Development – If you are startup firm, it is important that you consider your business development. Lawyers in startup firms describe this as “we eat what we kill”.  That if we don’t bring in clients to business, how are we going to pay each other? How are going to sustain the business operations?
  3. Law Firm Leadership – Young lawyers should understand that they are the next generation of Law firm Leaders. Being an active contractor of knowledge in the very beginning expresses ownership of the future. Cultivating and practicing firm leadership is an important decision in order for people to accept the transition naturally.  Be someone who initiates and people will recognize you- and follow you.

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